Fall Meals Made Easily!  We're open again on Mondays! M-F 10-5, Sat 10-2.

How It Works Old

Getting HomeCooked Meals for your family is easy!

Either stop in our Paoli shop for grab & go meals or follow these 3 simple steps for a pick up or delivery order:

  1. Place your order online at www.HomeCooked.net, on the phone at 610.647.1002 or in person with one of our team members.
  2. Give us at least 2 business days to prepare your delicious meals. In most cases pick-ups occur Tuesday-Saturday. Deliveries to selected areas are 1-2 days each month.  See the delivery schedule (link).
  3. Pick up or have your meals delivered and enjoy delicious meals cooked easily without all the usual work!



Click “Order now” on any page and select pick up or delivery, and your preferred time.  Then, select what HomeCooked meals you would like.

Each month we offer 18+ delicious HomeCooked entrees, including low fat and vegetarian options. Our meals are free of trans-fats and all chicken, pork, and beef is fresh and hand-trimmed by our in-house butcher.  We can customize ingredients to suit your family's taste in most dishes. This can include omitting ingredient you don’t like, or punching up the spice in our chili!  View our menus here (link)



Place your order and then pick it up at our Paoli shop, or one of our convenient pick up locations

Our driver will deliver right to your door, and you don’t even have to be home!  Available in selected areas.

Need dinner tonight, or a delicious dip or appetizer to bring to a party?  Our Grab & Go is always stocked with our favorite entrees, side dishes and appetizers. (Click takes them to sub section below)



Place your meals in the freezer (or in the refrigerator for meals that you’ll cook within 2 days). When you're ready to enjoy one of your HomeCooked Meals just follow the simple instructions provided with each entree. No fancy skills or unusual equipment required!  No shopping, slicing or dicing, bowls or lots of dishes to clean up, and no ingredient waste!  Just a delicious meal with your family, and none of the usual stress!