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Kids Camp FAQs

How should my camper dress?

We encourage shorts or pants and t-shirts. Campers should wear closed-toe shoes such as sneakers. No open-toe shoes, sandals, crocs, or flip-flops allowed. No spaghetti strap shirts or bathing suits.

Campers will have aprons to wear while at camp, but stains from ingredients are possible so do not have campers wear special clothing.

Long hair should be in a ponytail, bun, or pulled back to reduce the chance of hair getting into food.

Does my child need to wear a mask?

As of Spring 2022 masks are optional for campers and camp leaders. This will be re-evaluated as camp approaches.  

Can you make accommodations for campers with allergies?

HomeCooked is a facility that uses ingredients that contain peanuts, tree nuts, soy, dairy, gluten, seafood, and other allergens. If a camper has an allergy, we will do everything we can to avoid the camper coming into contact with it, but cannot offer a 100% guarantee.

Regrettably, we deter campers with gluten or dairy allergies from attending as projects often include ingredients with those allergens. We apologize for any inconvenience.

During summer cooking camp sessions or off-school day workshops, we do not use peanuts, tree nuts, or seafood in our projects. However, they may be found in our facility. Gluten and dairy products are used extensively in our summer camps.

Peanut butter may be used in up to 1 baking project (exact projects have not yet been finalized). Additionally, peanut butter is used at our December parent/child holiday cookie and treat making workshops.

Kids with allergies are unfortunately discouraged from attending those sessions for their safety.

How does HomeCooked use photos taken at camp?

We love taking photos of our campers having fun at HomeCooked! All photos/videos taken during camp remain the property of HomeCooked.

They can be shared with campers (electronically) if desired and may be used on HomeCooked’s website, Facebook, Instagram, or in future advertising or other materials. Names will not be shown in pictures and parents will not be "tagged" in posts.

What do I need to know about the food my child will make and transporting it home at cooking camp?

Campers attending cooking camp (vs. baking camp) will be creating one ready-to-cook dinner entrée (serves 5) and dessert to bring home each night. These creations may not be fully cooked when they leave HomeCooked (containing raw ingredients) and will need to be refrigerated prior to final cooking at home. All items that require cooking come with easy directions to follow.

Please bring a cooler for transporting the food if you will not be returning home within 15 minutes after camp. Entrées and many dishes can be frozen and cooked at a later date if desired.

Some sides and sweets may not be able to be frozen. Dinners are usually comprised of chicken, turkey, beef, or pasta.

There are vegetarian options available. Please request vegetarian options by email at registration or at least 1 week prior to the first day of camp.

How much does HomeCooked camp cost?

2022 Camp Registration Fee: $259 (registration mid-April 2022 onward). $10 off for siblings if they are registered for the same week.

Workshops: $85 per student.

What is your policy if I need to reschedule or cancel my registration?

Rescheduling: It is possible to reschedule a session through 6/1/22 OR with at least 14 days’ notice before the start of your session. Rescheduling is subject to availability of desired future session.  

Cancelling: Should a registered camper not be able to attend the camp after the registration fee has been paid (and with more than 7 days prior to the start of the session) it will be returned in the form of a HomeCooked store credit. For cancellations within 7 days of the start of camp parents may call/email to make arrangements to pick up the food on the day following the completion of camp. Requests for camp food need to be received within 30 minutes of the start of camp. There are no refunds or partial refunds.

Folks with cancellations within 7 days of the workshop/camp will be able to make arrangements to pick up the food/treats the day after the session or at another prearranged time.

There are no refunds or partial refunds. Folks with cancellations are also welcome to find another camper to take their spot as long as they meet the age requirements.

What should I do if my child isn’t feeling well on a camp day?

Campers are not permitted to attend camp if they are ill or have any cold symptoms or fever. Temperatures will be checked at drop-off each day and must be <100.4 to attend. Should a camper be unable to attend due to illness, please contact us at 610-647-1002 within 30 minutes of the start of camp to arrange picking up the food the following day if desired. If we are not notified by a parent prior to 30 minutes from the start of camp on the day the camper misses we will assume that the food is not wanted. There are no refunds or partial refunds.

Do you offer partial sessions?

If a session has not filled to capacity within 1 week of the start date, a partial session (only 1-2 days instead of 3) may be a possibility. Please contact us. The rate for partial sessions is $89 (cooking) and $86 (baking) per day.