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Kids Cooking Camp

Thanks for a great 2023 summer camp season! Registration for camp 2024 will be in late January/early February.

Kids Cooking Camp at HomeCooked

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Kids Cooking & Baking Camp Sessions

Calling all aspiring young chefs! We've got a great cooking camp for you and your family will love it too!

For 2023 we're offering two types of camp sessions:

  1. Kids Cooking Camp: make a dinner entree for 5, side & dessert each day.
  2. Kids Baking Camp: baked goods  (sweet & savory) galore!  Take home to bake, eat or freeze to enjoy later!
NOTE: We have 2 agendas (set of projects/recipes) for 2023. 1 cooking agenda & 1 baking agenda, so kids can come up to 2 weeks (1 baking session and 1 cooking session) this summer and do different projects each time!  If they come to 2 baking (or cooking) sessions they will be repeating the recipes from their first session.

    2023 Sessions:  

    Session 1 BAKING: June 20-22, 9am-noon  sold out Session 6 COOKING: Aug 1-3, 9am-noon    sold out
    Session 2 BAKING: June 27-29, 9am-noon sold out Session 6B COOKING: Aug 1-3, 1pm-4pm sold out
    Session 2B BAKING: June 27-29,1pm-4pm sold out Session 7 BAKING: Aug 8-10, 9-12pm    sold out
    Session 3 COOKING: July 11-13, 9am-noon  sold out Session 7B BAKING: Aug 8-10, 1pm-4pm  sold out
    Session 4 COOKING: July 18-20: 9am-noon   sold out  Session 8 BAKING: Aug 15-17, 9am-12pm  sold out

    Session 5 COOKING: July 25-27, 9am-noon sold out

    Session 8B BAKING: Aug 15-17, 1pm-4pm sold out
    Session 5B COOKING: July 25-27, 1pm-4pm sold out Session 9 BAKING: Aug 22-24, 9am-12pm 1 spot open as of 8/21!


    Kids Cooking Camp

    Cooking camp takes place Tuesday through Thursday for 3 hours. Each camper comes home with a ready-to-cook dinner entrée and dessert for 5 people each night! Follow simple cooking directions and dinner is done! Bonus: All entrees are freezable.

    Each day features different projects/ and recipes. Topics covered include:

    The campers will make and enjoy a snack and prepare a dinner entrée (that serves 5) and a sweet treat to bring home, often a side dish too.

    At the end of each session, all campers take home a cookbook.

    Session Requirements

    Kids must be between ages 7 - 11 to participate. 12 year olds are welcome (and may be asked to assist!) if they are comfortable with other campers being in the session who are age 7+. 


    Note: No peanut, tree nut, or shellfish ingredients will be used in cooking projects. Gluten and dairy will be used in projects.

    Entree Menu

    2023 Cooking Main Course Entrees: 

    Is your family vegetarian? No problem! Tell us at registration and we'll have a vegetarian substitute for day 2 & 3! 

    We recommend that you add a salad at home to round out the entree, side and dessert that come home each night!  All entrees can be frozen and cooked later.

    Kids Baking Camp

    Think cookies, crisps, crumbles, and more! The kids will be mixing up a storm.

    In addition to the 3 projects each day the campers also make & enjoy a snack. They will bring home their projects to bake and enjoy or freeze to enjoy later. Many projects can be frozen before baking OR after baking. 

    Projects may include items such as:

    All recipes will be coming home in a cookbook.

    Session Requirements

    Kids must be between ages 7 - 11 to participate. 12 year olds are welcome (and may be asked to assist!) if they are comfortable with other campers being in the session who are age 7+.


    No tree nuts or peanuts are used in cooking or baking camp. Gluten and dairy ingredients are used in projects so campers with those food allergies are regrettably discouraged from attending for their safety.

    Our Camp Philosophy and What to Expect:

    We aspire to inspire kids to have an increased interest in food and cooking or baking while in a safe, fun, and confidence-building environment. We teach basic techniques and have kids do all the measuring, mixing and they create their final products.

    This camp is "hands on!" This is not kids watching our leaders make the dishes. Some ingredients may be prepped in advance for them to use in their projects (i.e. pre-diced onions or marinara sauce). They may use items like a pizza cutter for slicing or a plastic knife for frosting a cupcake.

    What's almost certain is that the campers will have fun and leave with a huge stack of delicious food that they created along with big proud smiles on their faces!

    If you are looking for an experience where your child learns "Cordon Bleu" techniques, masters formal knife skills, or gets "standing at the stove" experience, then we are NOT the camp for you.


    Cooking Camp: $279 per Camper

    Baking Camp: $259 per Camper

    Occasionally partial sessions are available (1-2 days rather than 3 if camp is not sold out), $95/day. Availability tbd.

    *Food costs have escalated significantly (and our campers make A LOT of food!). If costs continue to rise camp rates may increase, so register now to lock in your pricing!


    If 2 or more siblings attend the same session, we will give your family a $15 voucher to redeem for meals, dips, cookies, soups etc. from the HomeCooked grab & go cases. Vouchers will be distributed the week your campers attend.  Max 2, $15 vouchers per family and they must be redeemed by 12/15/23. 

    Also-- Almost all projects can be frozen, so for families with siblings attending you can eat one project and freeze the others.

    Value & Bonuses

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    Still Have Questions?

    If you still have questions, please check out our FAQs section or contact us!

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