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Valentine's Heart Ravioli: Creamy Cheese Filling


A special, cute and fun dinner entree that we offer only for the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day. These heart-shaped creamy ravioli are filled with a ricotta and pecorino cheese blend and come with a side of shredded parmesan cheese, blush (or marinara) sauce, and a ciabatta bread with garlic butter.  They cook from frozen in only 2-4 minutes! 

Note:  we have 2 heart ravioli vendors- 1 that has white ravioli and 1 that has red & white ravioli. Both are equally delicious. Supplier #1 (all white ravioli) was able to get the ravioli to us first, so once that is used we'll move to the red & white (likely late January into February). 

note: the red color comes from natural annatto and turmeric (not artificial colors)

Half size: 18 ravioli.  Full size: 36 ravioli   

quantities are limited and these sell out every year!

  • Hands on time: 0 minutes
    Cooking time: 2-4 minutes in boiling water.