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Holiday Package #4: Pistachio Salmon


A complete meal with one of HomeCooked's new favorite items!

Filets of salmon are topped with a crushed pistachio crust along with fresh lemon zest, panko breadcrumbs (gf available), honey and a hint of dijon. A side of garlic butter comes alongside to drizzle on top (if desired).  For this special holiday package the filets will come in a pan to bake along with:

-Creamy mashed potatoes, our holiday-only recipe!

-A light marsala wine sauce accompanies to drizzle on top of the chicken and extra for your potatoes.

-Organic mixed greens salad with candied pecans, dried cranberries & house-made cranberry vinaigrette. Salad components are separate until you mix them.

-Your choice of french green beans with shallot butter or steamed asparagus.

-Artisan french rolls with cinnamon honey butter.

  • Hands on time: 10-15 minutes
    Cooking time: salmon 20-24 minutes