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Taco Quesadillas*

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New for fall 2022! A hybrid taco/quesadilla! Perfect for a quick and easy weeknight meal, lunch, snack or appetizer. We stuff large tortillas (flour or NEW Siete Almond Flour Paleo, Gluten-free tortillas) with a juicy ground beef taco meat and cheddar cheese. Add whatever toppings you would like at home, i.e. lettuce, tomato, guacamole, salsa or sour cream. Restaurant quality taste. Individually wrapped. Bake in your oven, air fryer or sauté on the stove.  Note: the Almond Flour tortillas are smaller in size so rather than 3 for half size you get 5 and for full size: 10 tortillas.

  • Hands on time: 0 minutes
    Cooking time: 10-15 minutes