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Valentine's Package #4: Beef Tenderloin Meal*

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A delicious complete meal with classic beef tenderloin-- now for Valentine's Day!

Our impeccably trimmed tenderloin of beef along with: 
-bearnaise sauce 
-a delicious mixed greens salad (includes candied pecans, mandarin orange segments, dried cranberries & housemade cranberry vinaigrette), creamy mashed potatoes, marsala "drizzle/gravy"
-Mixed Veggie Medley
-5 (or 10) artisan multigrain rolls with cinnamon honey butter
-5 (or 10) Belgian Chocolate Strawberries

Our butcher trims the choice-grade beef tenderloin til it's pristine, wraps it and then you just pop in the oven. We offer full size (serves 8-10, approx. 5 lbs after all trimming is complete) or half size (serves 4-5, 2-2.5 lbs.) You can add a rub or roast it plain, it's that tender and delicious. After roasting just slice and serve. Bearnaise sauce is a classic accompaniment. Not familiar with beef tenderloin? It's the cut of beef used for Filet Mignon, is ultra tender and cooks quickly and easily, especially if you have a meat thermometer.    

  • Hands on time: 10-15 minutes
    Cooking time: Oven: 35-45 minutes (beef)